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Leyland Cypress and Cryptomeria Tree Problems in the Birmingham, AL Area.

These trees have been primarily planted as an evergreen screen along property lines between homes. They grow quickly and provide a much-needed privacy screen. Problems begin to occur when needles begin to turn yellowish green and then die becoming orange/brown. 

Many reasons can cause Leyland cypress and cryptomeria initial needle discoloration and dieback. I've seen instances where the trees were incorrectly planted, excessive irrigation, poor drainage, drought, chemical injury, and insect infestations.

The single biggest challenge is disease problems. 

If you have trees showing signs of stress or dieback, it's extremely important to have a competent, experienced, professional to inspect your trees. They need to be in the business of managing trees and not cutting them down. Needle and branch dieback will only become worse and spread. It's much easier to mitigate problems early.

Don't wait until the problem becomes a major crisis. 

I've seen large trees completely die and it usually isn't the tree on the end that has to be removed creating a huge hole. Call me today to get your Leyland cypress or cryptomeria trees on the path to recovery.

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