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Tree Care for Tree Problems

Save your tree. Help preserve the beauty and dignity of your tree with the latest science in arboricultural management practices.
Tree Consultations.


Consultation about your tree's problems that don't involve safety concerns. These include insect and disease problems, sick and declining trees, and other tree concerns. We do not fell (cut down) trees. Call us for an unbiased opinion before you remove any tree.

Tree Health and Protection System


A plant heath care plant for your tree. This is for clients that are in need of a comprehensive program for their tree. Many trees are injured and slowly declining. This plan combines the latest in arboricultural management practices for high value trees. To find out more click Here

Tree Inspections.


Tree inspections are  needed prior to buying or selling a home, after strong damaging thunderstorms, construction, new landscapes, irrigation systems, or any other circumstance that damages your tree or its root system. Roots grow much further than most people realize and any soil disturbance out to the drip line of the canopy can injure your tree.

Tree Prescriptions


Sick trees infested with insect or disease problems need help. Theses problems will not just go away on their own. Tree prescriptions are used to treat or prevent insect, disease, and nutrient problems in your tree. They can be injected into the tree, the soil around the tree, or applied to the trunk and canopy.

Young Tree Pruning


Young trees need pruning to develop a strong structure. This requires a knowledgeable individual who can prune correctly and not harm the tree. There is no glue option to re-attach. Helps correct trees that were sheared in the nursery or tree farm.

Mature Tree Pruning

It is difficult to find someone to properly prune your large mature tree. Call and get (3) estimates and you are likely to get three different answers for the same tree that needs pruning. This can lead to frustration and confusion on who to trust. We can't glue those branches back onto the tree.


What's the answer? 

Call me and I will write out a Mature Tree Pruning Specification for YOUR TREE. This protects your beloved tree from being indiscriminately butchered and hacked. These specifications spell out exactly what size limbs are to be pruned, what is not to be pruned, the pruning method, and helps provide a safe tree for your long term enjoyment. This also allows (3) or more companies to bid on the job with the same criteria and not what they "think" should be pruned.  Specifications include national standards for pruning. I can also (if needed) specify for me to be on site to oversee the pruning. It really is a great answer and gives you the piece of mind knowing the job will be done correctly.

 Tree Mulching


Applying organic mulch around a tree has many benefits. It  supplies organic matter to the soil, hinders grass competition with tree roots, and augments fertility. Mulching improves soil aeration, soil structure (less soil compaction) and drainage.

 Tree Appraisal


Your plants have value. A plant appraisal is used to provide a money figure of what your tree or shrubs are worth, what it would cost to replace, or repair a damaged plant. There are many reasons why someone may want a plant appraisal. It could involve damage from a vehicle, contractors, construction, lightning strikes, and any other reason a plant is damaged or killed. 


While most people want a plant appraisal after an event has caused damage or death; it is a very good practice to have appraisals prior to damage occurring. A new home or business being constructed around a tree. Site improvements to an existing home, building, or park are reasons for a plant appraisal before any damage may occur.

Tree Risk Assessments.


Tree Risk Assessment is needed when you have questions about tree safety. You have a level of responsibility for the safety of people and property near your trees.Tree risk assessments are a systematic process that involves identifying, analyzing, and evaluating tree risk. Clients want to know if their tree(s) are safe. Is my tree going to fall on my house or neighbors property? Can my tree be saved, or should it be removed?

 Tree Growth Regulator (TGR)


 Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) - used on trees to help tree with stress and control growth up to 60% over approximately a (3) year period.  By reducing growth the tree is able to divert energy from canopy growth to root development, storage, and defense chemicals. This helps a tree with stressful urban conditions. A tree that is in decline or in poor health are good candidates for a TGR. Since TGR's reduce growth by up to 60%; TGR's are also used for trees that are too large for their planting site.

 Soil De-compaction


Soil compaction is the #1 problem affecting trees in the urban landscape. Once the soil is compacted it affects the trees ability to grow new roots, hinders uptake of water and nutrients, disrupts root anchoring for tree stability, and stunts the trees health. Stressed trees will begin to decline and become more prone to insect and disease infestations.

Tree Planting


Don't hire a company to throw a tree in a hole. shovel some dirt on top of it and then pay them. While they're riding happily off into the sunset you unknowingly won't be so happy by inheriting all the long term problems associated with a inferior and improperly planted tree. Happens every week and is a chronic problem in this industry. Don't say you haven't been warned.

I specialize in planting select trees. If your wanting (1) tree or many trees planted I can help. I first match the tree with the environment it will live it's remaining life.


I discuss the tree species with you and what to expect from your tree. I then travel to the tree farm and select only top grade trees. I know what to look for and if it doesn't meet my standards it doesn't get planted. Even if that means having to wait or not planting. I don't plant cheap junk.

Once the tree is selected it is transported to planting site and planted by the standards outlined here and planted.


Very few follow these standards and many clients get led into believing that a planting hole is just a hole in the ground. Don't be led into a false economy; pay a little more on the front end and have a superior tree that will develop into that stately shade tree of specimen you expect

 Landscape Audit


Every single day I witness horticultural dyslexia on high end landscapes and it largely goes completely unnoticed by the homeowner. Why? Because they don’t know.


After many years in this industry and following the normal practices… this is the very liberating conclusion I came to – the landscape maintenance system is broken and a False Economy.

If your landscape has seemingly overwhelmed you and you don't know where to begin or you realize you need someone to come in and oversee the maintenance personnel and have your best interest at heart call me.

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