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Tree Injection of Oak Tree Birmingham, AL

Tree Injections - How to Stop Pest Problems Fast with Insecticide or Fungicide Injection Treatments

There are many challenges with treating large trees for insect and disease pests. One of the safest ways is by tree injections. If A tall tree with leaf feeding caterpillars as an example poses many concerns using the traditional method of spraying the entire canopy of the tree. 

Most companies don't have the equipment to spray higher than 35'. If your tree is taller than this, complete coverage cannot be achieved. Additionally, the chemical rains down all over whatever is underneath the tree. Furthermore, chemical drift is a major concern. Chemical drift can easily coat neighboring homes, cars, lawns, and children play areas. 


Unlike canopy sprays, tree injections are systemic and similar to getting a shot at the doctor's office. They are injected inside the base of the tree. The treatment is then translocated up into the tree canopy. This is much safer for the environment and a better choice for large trees. 

Prior to any tree injections a competent, qualified arborist should properly identify the tree pest problem. Afterward, the tree is prescribed an injection treatment. It is crucial to have someone experienced in how to properly inject a tree. If incorrectly done the tree could be damaged and the treatment wasted. 


Many pests can be controlled with tree injections in the Birmingham, AL area. Some of the most common pests are pine tree borers, Ambrosia beetles, leaf feeding caterpillars, Asian hackberry wooly aphids, scale insects, various borers, and Bacterial leaf scorch. 

Contact Board Certified Master Arborist David W. Boggan to find out if tree injections would be beneficial for your trees. 

Tree Injectio of Pine Tree Birmingham, AL

Tree Injection in Mountain Brook, AL area for pine tree borers.

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