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Discover Why the Landscape Maintenance System is Broken and a False Economy. 


A word of Caution - After you read this you may have wished you hadn't.

Dear Friend;

The game is rigged against you. How is that you might ask? We live in an age of incompetence. It’s all around you. You know this already. The landscape industry has largely regressed into a fast food business model. There is no chef, food is terrible for you, service is practically non-existent, and everyone can afford it.

Let me swing open a concealed locked door and reveal the naked truth about the landscape industry.


The focus is on doing more, running faster and harder, like a hamster on a wheel. It’s a very slippery slope and the results speak for themselves. Mow, blow, and go is the motto of today. Pruning has been replaced with shearing shrubs into uneven squares and lumpy meatballs. Sadly this is the new normal.

Every single day I witness horticultural dyslexia on high end landscapes and it largely goes completely unnoticed by the homeowner. Why? Well many are too busy to notice and think that these services have their best interest in mind since… well you’re paying them for it.

Do you honestly think the maintenance crew that spends 99% of the entire total invested time maintaining your landscape and being paid $10 hour gives two flips about the big picture? Their only concern is getting it “knocked out” so they can go on to the next job. That’s it…seriously.

Could all the money you have invested and spent on your landscape ultimately have been wasted and in vain?

You hire the best landscape services possible but it never quite seems to come together. Shrubs slowly dying. Trees never becoming that beautiful specimen once envisioned. Yet no straight answers or worse it’s awkwardly being ignored. All the while your landscape suffers and over time becomes an eyesore. Now an eyesore; your landscape needs to be replaced and the horticultural dyslexia cycle begins all over again.

Think about all the money you have invested over the years on your landscape. In the last (5) years alone you probably have spent $35,000+ on landscape maintenance alone. A poorly managed landscape will make your home look disorganized and sloppy. The overall aesthetics and value of your home will suffer.

 Honestly…what I mainly see is landscapes being “maintained” and slowly year by year they deteriorate until the overall landscape becomes disorganized, sloppy, with little remaining dignity.


What amazes me is that people pay very good money for this end result and never question it. Your landscape should mature and increase the value of your home. It should not peak in 4-7 years after planting and then go backwards.

Soo… let me be brutally honest with you. Just because a business or someone has the ability to mow grass does not make them a horticulturalist. Yet the keys of the landscape are gladly thrown to them. They are allowed to make important decisions about planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, insect and disease control. I mean everything!

After many years in this industry and following the normal practices… this is the very liberating conclusion I came to – the landscape maintenance system is broken and a False Economy.


Just like fast food; you may get away with it for a while but you will most assuredly pay for it. The good news is for those in-the-know there is a better answer but it’s not for everyone.

So you’re asking…what’s the answer? What you truly need is a competent, professional, industry expert on your lawn and landscape. Someone who has your best interest in mind and can see the “BIG PICTURE”. I can give you that.

I’m a Consulting Horticulturalist and Arborist with over 20 years in the green industry. There are things I know and things I think I know. This is one of those things that I know that I know. Maybe you’ve seen me; I've recently been interviewed by (2) local news stations about trees.

I have found that successful people as yourself want a proven, demonstrated, reliable, and competent person to handle the things that you quite honestly don't need to waste your time on. Your time is valuable. What most unsuccessful people don't understand is how much demand there is on successful people’s time. The tremendous amount of responsibility you carry around every day. I GET IT. 

As an individual you can ignore this, you can dismiss it, you can decry it as being simply an over exaggeration, you can settle for softer, gentler, more average methods - or you can use this for enormous benefit. I’m prepared to offer you the advanced, sophisticated, smarter choice...

The system I’m about to describe isn’t for the masses. It’s actually reserved for a very select few. You will not see me offering this service to anyone except by direct invitation. My business consists of 35% consulting, 5% pruning of specimen trees and high value ornamental shrubs, and 60% to this exclusive service. That means that I can only accept a limited number of smart “inner circle” clients. This offering is new. I will begin omitting all other commitments as new or existing clients come onboard.

Napoleon Hill once said: "You can’t expect inspired results from uninspired people”.

It all begins with implementing a Plant Health Care Management Plan. The “Big Picture” of this management plan is to protect your landscape and promote a healthy, vibrant, landscape.

Well…what on earth makes this so different than what I have now; you might ask? The first step is to understand that the landscape maintenance should be separated from the landscape management. Landscape maintenance mostly consists of (7) primary tasks:

  1. Mowing

  2. Edging

  3. Blowing

  4. Pruning

  5. Leaf and debris removal.

  6. Mulching

  7. Hand weeding

The primary focus should always be on Plant Health Care Management (PHC) not landscape maintenance. Yes, maintenance is important in providing a clean, neat appearance but don’t be led into a false sense of security thinking a service is managing your landscape when all along it’s heavily maintenance based with little attention to actually managing your landscape.

Crucial higher end plant health care management should be placed in more capable hands. This is where I step into the picture. Give yourself the power of very experienced, fresh eyes inspecting and personally managing your lawn and landscape. This is of enormous benefit to you because I become your landscape protector. Your best interest is placed first.

Introducing the advanced, sophisticated, smarter choice... The Inner Circle VIP Plant Health Care Management Plan

The VIP Plant Health Care Management Plan incorporates a holistic approach to your lawn and landscape. This requires an experienced and knowledgeable person to make informed decisions about your landscape. A key component of this plan is frequent landscape monitoring and inspection visits.

These provide early detection of plant problems such as insect, disease, or environmental stress factors. Once problems are detected; integrated treatments are implemented to provide long term benefits for your landscape. A main goal is reducing pesticide use and dependency. Pesticide overuse actually creates more pests and is counterproductive. Plant health is the primary goal not solely pest eradication.

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