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Attention Responsible Tree Owners:

“If Your Large Beautiful Stately Tree Suddenly Died Tomorrow; How Devastated Would You Be?”

“What If You Discovered that It Could Have Been Prevented? If Only You Had Known…  But Now It’s too Late. Your Tree is Dead. Gone Forever! Here is a Way to be Sure This Won’t Happen to You.

This Is Largly Why They Die


Dear Friend;

You love your big beautiful tree. You enjoy the shade it provides in the hot summer afternoons. Your tree is graceful and majestic. It’s easy to take your tree for granted. It’s always been there. Your home and landscape would look so bare and lonely without it. Not having your tree is unimaginable.

Many urban trees struggle for years largely being ignored and neglected. Why is this… you might ask? Sadly little is understood about tree health by the average person. So while the tree is slowly dying it goes largely unnoticed. Then one day you look outside and notice somethings wrong and many times… it’s too late!

Some straight talk about your tree and its health.


We are losing our large trees. Urban trees live in a very challenging environment which often leads to mortality. Typically when a site is cleared for construction the topsoil and organic material is removed which negatively affects all existing trees and newly planted trees by diminishing soil fertility. Well; "let's just throw some fertilizer around the tree and problem solved" you might say. 

Sadly; this is the mindset of the majority. It simply won't work. Most don't know that 95% of all tree roots are in the top two feet of soil. Why? This is where the oxygen, water, and nutrients are in abundance. Tree roots grow mostly out instead of downward. We typically say that if allowed the roots are approximately 2.5 times the distance of the dripline (canopy edge) of the tree. 


Almost all urban tree stress begins below ground with the root system.


The removal of topsoil sets off a chain of events that adversely affects drainage, aeration, and even causes erosion problems. It alters the soil profile and soil characteristics. Urban soils are compacted which limit the availability of oxygen and water. This suffocates roots creating poor, unhealthy growing conditions and stunting growth. This is briefly why simple fertilization around your tree will not work. You might be saying to yourself that my home was built 50 or 100 years ago and your tree; as well as; your soil is fine. Well if this were true why do we see so many large mature trees dying on homes that were built 50 to 100 years ago? I assure you they're not dying from old age.

Urban soils physical, chemical, and biological characteristics have been changed which negatively affects tree health and vitality. Combine this with environmental factors such as drought or man created problems such as landscape maintenance, digging, trenching, or tunneling near trees and we create serious problems. This damages roots way more than the average person realizes and we then have the perfect conditions for (1) tree stress that leads to (2) tree decline and (3) death.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been called about a tree suddenly turning brown just to find out the client had a new landscape, home addition, irrigation system, or driveway recently installed or built. 

If you truly care about your tree; don’t wait until you visually see tree problems.

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is David W. Boggan and I’m a consulting arborist and the only ISA Board Certified Master Arborist in the area. I'm also a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist. I help trees. I do not cut them down. I have

inspected over a thousand trees and most clients call me

after they visually see something “not quite right” with their

tree. This is normally at the (2) tree decline stage because

small amounts of stress is normally not noticed or simply


Many times it is already too late to save their tree and I have

to tell them the bad news. Their tree is in a downward spiral

of decline.  It has become dangerous and will likely die.

I Hate This!


I know that this could have been avoided if proper steps had been taken years earlier. If only they could have known the severe consequences and taken action. Instead; we’re talking about having their tree sawed into small chunks of wood and hauled off to the dump. Don’t repeat these costly mistakes. Avoid the stark reality of walking outside of your home and staring at a bare, empty space once occupied by a beloved tree that is now gone... forever. 

Here's your chance to actually help even save your tree. Be proactive instead of reactive. Your tree will love you for it.

How many years have you enjoyed all the wonderful benefits your large stately tree provides? Isn’t it time to protect your tree and implement the most effective arboricultural practices available today? You have an opportunity to help your tree. Invest in your trees health and well-being. Learn from the mistakes of my clients that didn’t have the opportunity to help their trees. You do not have an unlimited window of opportunity to help your tree. There is a point of no return.

I Love My Tree! What Can Be Done to Save My Tree?

Let me introduce you to a new, advanced management system for your trees. This system is called THRIVE. It consists of applying the latest technology in tree health to the soil. This process relieves soil compaction and encourages tree roots to grow and thrive. Special amendments are then incorporated into the soil that literally causes the soil to become alive with beneficial microbes and bacteria.

We want your tree to THRIVE not suffocating and struggling to survive.

This is a renewed fresh breath of air for your tree. If you consider the roots to be the equivalent of a human heart; it literally changes everything. Healthy soil is the foundational cornerstone of a healthy, vibrant tree.

Additionally; we apply a special product that helps reduce urban tree stress with the added benefit of promoting fine fibrous root growth. Then we eliminate insects that steal nutrients and rob energy from your tree. Furthermore; the highest grade professional arboricultural fertilizer is incorporated into the soil that last for two solid years. Then approximately three inches of organic mulch is applied around the tree for moisture retention and this reduces future soil compaction problems.


A few benefits of THRIVE Protection system include:

       Save Your Tree! THRIVE advanced management protection system is like placing an “Iron Shield” around your tree to prevent seemingly sudden overnight tree deaths.  


       Awake the grace and elegance of your trees. THRIVE is specifically designed to stimulate and regenerate critical fibrous root growth your tree needs to survive. Vigorous roots reduce fungal diseases that attack urban tree root systems. A tree can’t survive without its roots providing needed water and nutrients to the tree.


       Brighten the Beauty and Dignity of Your Tree. This advanced management protection system promotes tree health and vitality. A healthy tree reduces insect and disease infestations that kill trees. THRIVE is environmentally friendly and responsible. Gain the advantage your tree needs with the latest science in arboricultural management practices. Your tree will love you for it! 


       Make your trees laugh with joy. A professional arboricultural slow release fertilizer with beneficial fungi is applied to the soil around your tree. This premium prescription formula is specifically designed to enhance the recovery of trees stressed due to the chronic, low fertility conditions of urban soils. Stop Agonizing and Restore Your Piece of Mind. Be confident in knowing your tree is being inspected and monitored by a professional trained Board Certified Master Arborist who specializes in tree health care. Gain the advantage of my older, more experienced eyes inspecting your tree. 


       Relax and made a difference. A healthy stately tree makes us feel serene, peaceful, and restful. Trees add music to our life by attracting birds. Thanks to you; your tree can also be a living legacy for the next generation.  


       A Smarter Choice for Those In-the-Know. THRIVE advanced management protection system gives you a return on your investment, increases your quality of life, and actually reduces long term tree maintenance cost.  

Finally; your tree needs a THRIVE inspection visit once in the spring after the leaves have emerged and then again in the fall. A THRIVE inspection visit should be scheduled once every year afterwards.

These THRIVE inspections are a key part of protecting your tree and ensuring no additional problems occur to your tree. While your tree is under my care; you can contact me about any additional concerns you may have about your tree.

Two examples of why THRIVE inspections can literally save your tree.

1.) I recently met with a client who wisely sought my input on several large oak trees not leafing out in the spring. They appeared to be dormant with very little leaf emergence in May. The landscape maintenance company was using a cheap herbicide to treat the lawn for weed control. This herbicide is actually labeled to kill oak trees. If this would not have been discovered these trees would have been killed by this herbicide. No one would have even suspected that the herbicide applied by the landscape service was the problem.

 2.) A client contacted me before having a new home addition built around some large trees. I        STOPPED Him from three fatal mistakes he had no recognition of and almost certainly prevented the death of these beautiful trees. These tree inspections are well worth the fee. My experience with trees is very broad and I see things many are simply blind to.

The THRIVE Advanced Tree Management Protection System is backed by my Iron Clad” Guarantee. Simply stated; THRIVE works. I’m guaranteeing this system until July of 2019. I believe and stand behind the THRIVE Protection System.

“Iron Clad” Guarantee - Try my system for a full 160 days and if my THRIVE advanced tree management protection plan doesn’t give your tree a renewed, life changing environment for it to grow strong, healthy roots in the harshest urban conditions. If there is no visual evidence (generally richer, greener, more compact leaves) this system is helping your tree; I’ll gladly refund all your money. We may live in an era of incompetence all around us; but I stand behind and guarantee my work. So there is absolutely no risk on your part.

Please Consider this… I’m looking out for you and your trees best interest. There is no local forest of authentic tree experts offering you this valuable service. There’s ME. Go and look… they don’t exist. I guarantee my THRIVE system. Go try to find a guarantee in writing for a local tree management plan. You won’t find one. You likely won’t even find a management plan much less a guarantee. I decided a long time ago to lead instead of follow what everyone else is doing.

Not all trees qualify. Your tree must be inspected by me and meet certain criteria for it to qualify for the THRIVE Advanced Tree Management Protection System.

Fall and winter are a perfect time to implement THRIVE and have your tree ready for the spring.

What’s this cost? Now the value of a large mature tree is generally worth approximately $60K or more. So; my question is if your tree died and was removed today how much would you be willing to pay to have it back? Hard to put a figure on all the enjoyment and benefits a large stately tree provides. I would say easily $35K probably more.

So it would make sense to easily charge $15,000 to preserve your beloved tree. Think about it; saving your tree would easily be worth this investment.

I've yet had a client tell me they are glad they saved their money and had their tree removed. The real tragedy is having a large stately tree and taking it for granted...then losing it. Knowing how majestic it was. Living everyday staring at a bare open area that will never in our lifetime be the same. The simple fact is… Your tree is irreplaceable. The cost is a non-factor.

But I’m not going to charge you $15,000... not even $10,000.

When you take action today; you’ll get my THRIVE Advanced Management Protection System for only $7,479    $5,979 (New Year Special for the first 25 clients; I'm taking an additional $1,500 off the normal price. This WILL go back up to regular price after January 1st)

Honestly this isn’t a big investment. That’s a trip with the family to the beach for a week. Not even Walt Disney money. Last fall I fell and broke my left foot. I personally wrote a check for $4,500.0 to the orthopedic to have surgery on my foot. Not including lost income for 6 weeks. Seriously 5,979.00 is not a large investment. 

But that’s not all: If you respond before the deadline below; I’ll also give you (2) New Year Special Limited Time Bonuses worth $2,244.00.

*New Year Special Limited Offer #1 (Worth $249.00): In order for your tree to qualify for THRIVE it must be inspected. Being a consulting arborist; my fee to visually inspect a tree is minimally $249.00. Call today before the deadline and I will waive the tree inspection fee. I will discuss with you some very important information about your trees health and current condition. I will also look for tree defects and other seemingly hidden problems that can seriously affect your tree. If your tree qualifies; THRIVE will be recommended for your tree. Limited to first 25 respondents before Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm. 

*New Year Special Limited Offer #2 (Worth $1,995.00): Most people have no idea what their tree is worth. I will provide a written professional tree appraisal for your tree. I normall charge $495.00 for a tree appraisal. I'm also taking $1,500.00 off the normal THRIVE System price. This is a serious offer. My wife thinks I've lost my mind. I will probably never offer this again. Limited to first 25 respondents who have a qualifying tree and choose the THRIVE Advanced Tree Management Protection System before Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm. 


Okay David; My Big Beautiful Tree Is Important To Me. What Should I Do Next?


Call 854-3676 or use contact form below today and set up a Tree Inspection Consultation. Be one of the first *25 respondents before Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm and I'll Include Two Limited-Time New Year Special Offers Worth $2,244.00.

This offer is not for everyone. This offer is only for potential clients with large older trees who understand the value and importance of their trees. If you are not prepared to invest in your tree and only want a band aid to "fix" the problem. I spent years trying to put band aids on tree problems because the tree owner didn't want to invest in their beautiful tree. I won't do it again. It's not worth the frustration or the mixed results.

Seriously Don’t Call Me If... you place the value of your tree solely based on what it would cost to have it removed; this isn’t for you. Failure to realize that trees are an investment and need a sound arboricultural management plan (although much less frequently than lawns or shrubs) to promote and preserve tree health and vitality this isn’t for you.

There are only a limited number of clients I can help. This is typically performed in the late fall thru early spring prior to leaf emergence. This is an exclusive offer and not for everyone. I likey will not offer these specials again. For quality assurance and the overall integrity of the THRIVE Advanced Tree Management Protection System; I reserve the right to revoke this special offer.

So you have Two Choices:

1) You can either take action today before “The Limited Window of Opportunity to Help Your Tree is Shut”…and protect your tree by applying the latest technology in tree health.  Giving your tree what it so desperately needs for health and vitality. Your tree can literally be on a course to recovery not many days from now. Remember THRIVE system is guaranteed.


2) You can ignore this message—tell yourself “My trees are fine”…or that you’ll “Wait it out and see what happens”. Remember even doing nothing is a decision.


The Choice is yours to make. Choose wisely.





David W. Boggan

Owner Tree and Horticultural Management Services

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #SO-5270B

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified



*Must Be One of The First 25 Respondents. These Special Limited Offers Disappear Immediately on Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm So Take Action. Call 854-3676 or Use Form Below Right Now To Get These “Must-Have” Special Limited New Year Offers worth $2,244.00!

“David is the tree whisperer! Very knowledgeable consultant, who also cares deeply about the plants and people he cares for. I highly recommend his services.”


- Carolyn Sherer -

Homewood, AL






Okay David; My tree is important to me. I want to take you up on your THRIVE offer. I would like to set up a consultation for you to meet me on my property and inspect my tree to see if it qualifies. I am under no obligation to purchase even if my tree qualifies for THRIVE. 


I also understand that I must be one of the first 25 respondents before Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm to lock in the New Year Special Limited Offer #1. 

I also understand the New Year Special Limited Offer #2 is Limited to first 25 respondents who have a qualifying tree and choose the THRIVE Advanced Tree Management Protection System before Tuesday, January 1st at 3:00 pm

My information is listed below:

Thanks! Message sent. You are making a wise decision to help your tree.

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